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Sarah is a mum of four and lives in rural Devon with her partner. When she isn't running the house, training her spaniels, practicing cello or working for the family's fabrication business, Sarah loves nothing more than to head to her studio to pick up a brush or a pencil, and pour her imagination into a painting or a sketch.  She enjoys capturing the essence of human expression and finds her interests are being led towards portraiture works.


 She uses various media, but watercolour is the preferred medium. Sarah loves the appeal that art is always presenting new challenges, a chance to grow and learn with each piece. 

She encourages her children to become involved with her creativity and often has them sat by her in the studio, hoping to inspire their imagination and develop their creative minds. 

Sarah's hope is that her art brings colour and warmth into the homes of anyone who chooses to own a piece and would love to inspire others to pick up a brush, pencil, or whatever takes their fancy, and get creating. 



Cadeleigh, Devon

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