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Art - Who Inspires Me

To be honest, there are so many inspirational artists in the world who inspire me and some of those have done so from the moment I started to take art seriously; some from before I decided to paint professionally and some I've found on the journey along the way.

My earliest inspiration came from artists such as Van Gogh and Georges Seurat. These artists both fascinated me during childhood.... I always wanted to visit Van Gogh's landscapes and would stare at them over and over. Georges Seurat fascinated me with his dots and I first learned about him in an art lesson at school. I always remember my Grandma having one of his paintings on her wall 'A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte'.

'The Scream' by Edvard Munch was another fascinating piece that I remember from childhood, a thought-provoking and distinctive piece.

Artists of the past are great to look towards for inspiration and understanding their techniques has proven a great insight into the world of painting, colour theory and composition. Some of my favourites are;

  • Caravaggio - i love his chiaroscuro technique

  • Titian

  • John Constable

  • Rembrandt

  • J.M.W. Turner

  • John Singer Sargent

  • Van Gogh

But as I've progressed on my painting journey I've come across many other (modern-day) artists who really inspire me, not just on the basis of how talented they are, but because their work captures me emotionally, holds my attention and fascinates me on another level.

Here is a list of a few that I highly recommend looking up;

Inspiration is everywhere, art is a fascinating world that opens so many doors and allows connections with some very interesting individuals. I'll keep on being inspired and I'm sure there are other artists out there whom I haven't discovered yet.

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