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Challenge Yourself as an Artist

As an artist, I constantly like to challenge myself and step outside of my comfort zone. It's a great way of learning new techniques and developing existing abilities. I'm part of a group of watercolour artists on Patreon (hosted by the amazingly talented Ali Cavanaugh - that's another blog post). The other artists and I submit a bi-weekly challenge, usually set by another artist or by Ali herself and then we present it on discord and Instagram every other Friday.

It's great fun and has so many advantages. Each challenge is different and it gets the brain thinking outside of it's usual box of thoughts.

Why are challenges on Ali's patreon group helpful?

Challenges are great because they:

  • Get you out of your comfort zone

  • Let you see the world from a different perspective

  • Allow you to learn new techniques

  • Allows you to connect with like-minded people

  • Learn about new surfaces

  • Exchange tips and advice

  • And so much more......

Here are some of the challenges I've taken part in.....

If you're interested in joining the Patreon group, visit for more information.

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