Art and Where to Start

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

I always hear many people say that they would love to give art a go but they're not sure where to start. Starting out can be a minefield but I've listed a few pointers below for those of you who would love to give it a go.

What media should I use?

This is entirely up to you, there is a wide range to choose from such as pencil, coloured pencil, ink, pastels, watercolour, oil, charcoal, clay, wax.....

My advice would be to start with what captures your interest most. Have a browse of the interent and look at work by existing artists - which type of work gets you excited when you look at it... go with your gut on this one, theres always time to try more in the future but for now lets get you started.

I'm no good at art.

I hear it all the time unfortunately, but art is subjective and on the one hand you may think you're no good, but maybe, just maybe, others out there may fall in love with your style. And let's face it, how are you going to know unless you give it a try. Self doubt is a killer and stops so many people from reaching their full potential. Go on, give it a go, you know you want to.

Isn't art an expensive hobby?

Art falls into the creative industries sector and here in the UK that sector is worth a whopping £91.8 billion. Now thats not to be sniffed at. Whether you would like to do it as a hobby or aim towards a professional career in art, there are many opportunities and avenues open to budding artists.

There are low budget products available for beginners which are great to use until you start to get serious about your art. Or find local art classes in your area and go along to them to try it out before you commit to setting up your own studio space. Start small and see how you get on.

I don't know what to draw

Always draw/paint/create something that interests you. Don't follow others, think about what inspires you... people, animals, landscapes, buildings, anatomy... there are so many subjects to pull inspiration from - the possibilities are endless. If you work on subjects that don't get your creative juices flowing then you are at risk of losing interest and becoming bored of your creation. If you do use photographs for reference, you can use your own and if you do use ones online, make sure you do get permission from the photographer. There are great sites available such as getty, shutterstock and alamy which have free to use stock photos.

So there you have it, a few starter tips which will hopefully get your foot in the door of the wonderful world of art. Good luck and happy creating!

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